In September of 2014, my family and I made our way to our first LIpedema conference. It was held in beautiful Washington DC, and the full experience is found here...

We had the absolute honor to be part of Juzo's panel of advocates and shared what it is like to live with Lipedema and Lymphedema. It was amazing to meet Annerose & Petra of Juzo.

We will be taking on our 5th Annual challenge locally, but you too can take part virtually, wherever you live. It is a sprint distance, click the sign up button below for details & to sign up!

2019 Power symposium - march 20-23, 2019

Getting and Staying active with Lipedema is critical...

2014 FDRS lipedema Conference

Getting diagnosed with Lipedema is only the 1st step...

**Lipedema Triathlon**

June 27, 2020 - EVERYWHERE!!!

In 2007 I was diagnosed with Lipedema (actually primary Lipedema, and because I had gone so long not being diagnosed properly, I also had secondary Lymphedema).  I was 35 at the time, had just given birth to our daughter, and had no idea what Lipedema or Lymphedema were.  Basically Lipedema is defined as a rare and painful fat disorder, although with 17% of the population believed to be suffering with this, how rare can it be?


Lipedema Fitness