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​Deborah Peniuk & Bisa Dobson interview Pattie Cornute for Lipedema Awareness Month.

FDRS 2014 Conference Presentation

The video coach/hubby bob and I gave at the conference can be seen on Youtube...

FDRS 2022 Conference Presentation

The Lipedema Tightrope: Finding Physical and Emotional Balance when Navigating a Chronic Condition on YouTube.

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interview with dr. melissa gallagher

One of the most knowledgeable medical professionals interviews Pattie Cornute re. fitness, motivation and living w/ Lipedema.

wellness revolution interview

Dr. Phil Show Head Trainer, Robert Reames, interviews Lipedema Fitness founder, Pattie Cornute and others in the field.


The clothing brand Juno Active interviewed Susan from Legs Like Mine and Pattie from LF for Lipedema Awareness Month 2023.

LE&RN 2023 Article

Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN) interviewed Pattie from LF for the 2023 Lipedema Awareness Month.

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2019 Power Symposium

March 20-23, 2019 in New Orleans. I was honored to have been on the Juzo Panel of Advocates at this informative conference.

Patricia Cornute – Pattie was diagnosed with Lipedema in 2007 and began taking her life back a little over nine years ago when she stopped listening to "nothing she could do", and started training with her husband Bob in CrossFit. As a way to reach others like her, Pattie started a blog and Facebook Support group called Lipedema Fitness. With almost 14,000 members, the support group is there to help spread awareness, and to facilitate members supporting each other in the efforts they make to keep living with Lipedema. She created the Lipedema Fitness webpage in hopes of reaching as many people as possible, and created the first Lipedema Triathlon, with support from her local chapter of the YMCA, the 9th Annual event to take place this June during Lipedema Awareness Month.

Robert Cornute – Robert (Bob) has several names, Sensei Robert Cornute (4th dan in Kyokushin Karate, and MMA fight team coach), CrossFit Trainer, Father (to daughter Noelle), and more recently Coach/Hubby to the Lipedema Fitness Facebook support group. Bob has been involved in the martial arts for as long as he can remember, and began with CrossFit back in 2000, around the same time that he earned his 1st degree Karate black belt. One of the fundamentals of his training with CrossFit, and years of being a Teacher of Karate, is the ability to scale the movements for any ability level. That modification skill that Bob honed over the years would prove invaluable in working with his wife Pattie after her diagnosis with Lipedema.

Many thanks to our family and friends, without whom we would be lost.

bob cornute
Pattie Cornute
Spotlight on Lipedema Podcast

Lori Pellnitz chats with Pattie Cornute from Lipedema Fitness.